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Table palm

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Livistona rotundifolia is the scientific name of table pal. Table palm has bold rounded evergreen leaves, medium-sized, single-trunked fan-palm. Young palm has relatively shallow-lobed leaves. Older palm has more deeply divided leaves with long lance-shaped segments that radiate like the spokes of an umbrella. Table palm can grow into the pot when young stage. Use potting mix as the soil, vermicompost, and coco peat. Keep the plant in partial shade in the growing season.


Avoid waterlogging condition. Avoid waterlogging condition. Water it early in the morning. Apply organic fertilizer in early monsoon and spring season. partial shade and indirect sunlight is suitable for growth.

Height: 4 - 8 inches

Soil: Sandy loam soil

Sunlight: from partial to full sunlight

Temperature: 25 to 35

Water: moderately 

Benefits :

        This plant is used as the ornamental purpose.

        The attractive leaves of the table palm make their presence special in presenting gifts.

Used in offices for decoration



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