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Sapporo or Serissa flower

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The botanical name is serissa. The Serissa is evergreen or semi-evergreen with fine oval, shiny green leaves. Foliage and roots have an unpleasant smell if damaged. Except for its lovely flowers, the serissa is valued for its fine ramification and rough grey bark. The serissa is not easy to care for and better suitable for experienced growers because the tree is very sensitive to changes in location and temperature. The correct name of this tree is "Serissa japonica" but most people still use the old name “Serissa foetida”. Serissa Bonsai does not tolerate frost and needs temperatures between 50° F / 10° C and 68° F / 20° C in winter.


The serissa likes a sunny, wind-protected place outside during the growing season as long as the night temperatures stay above 50° F / 10° C. Drastic temperature drops are not tolerated. Avoid unnecessary changes of the tree's position, but from autumn to spring the serissa must be placed in the house or a heated conservatory at temperatures between 50° F / 10° C and 68° F / 20° C. The warmer the position the more light is needed. Grow lights can help. Try to provide high humidity.

Height :upto 4 feet

Temperature :10 to 15 °C

Sunlight :full

Soil: well drained 

Uses and benefits :

        Decorative or ornamental use

Medicinal use



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