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Rubia Flower

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Rubia flower is one of the famous flowers. The stem is woody, hairless, square and climbing and reaches on average 50–250 centimeter. The evergreen leaves of Rubia are sessile, glossy, leathery. They are arranged in whorls, usually with five or more leaves radiating from a single node. The small flowers have five petals and are pale green-yellowish, about 5–7 mm in diameter, arranged at the top of long stalks. The flowering period extends from April through June. The hermaphroditic flowers are pollinated by insects. The fruits are fleshy green berries, black when ripe, about 5 mm (0.20 in) in diameter.

Care :

Growing madder for dye takes a little bit of planning. The red color comes from the roots, which are only suitable for harvest after at least two years of growth. This means that if you plant your madder seeds in the spring, you won’t be harvesting until two autumns later. Also, as a rule, the dye becomes richer as the roots get older, so it’s worthwhile to wait three, four, or even five years to harvest. If you plan on growing madder for a dye for years to come, the best way to treat this long growing period is to plant several batches in your first year.

Height: up to 1.5 m

Temperature: up to 25 °C

Sunlight :full

Soil: well-drained

 Uses and benefits :

        Ornamental purpose

             medicinal use



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