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Ruber plant

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The rubber plant is a popular ornamental plant. The genus of rubber plant is ficus from the ficus. As an outdoor rubber plant can grow up to 30 meters tall. But when it comes to indoor plant their size is manageable to the pot size. The best thing about this plant is that this plant can easily grow.


Bright light required. Plants can take direct sunlight too. But do not place plants from low light to direct sunlight - they will get scorched. Move them gradually. Planted in warm areas of the world for fruit, shade, and ornamentals.

Use sharp pruning shears to avoid tearing the stems. Water regularly to keep it healthy.

Watch for sooty mold. You can remove it by simply wiping off the affected leaves with mild soapy water.

Height: 1 to3 meter

Sunlight: partial sunlight

Water: less water needed

Soil: loamy soil

Benefits :

        The rubber plant is all about having a small tree indoors with broad shiny attractive leaves.

Used for ornamental purposes to decorate homes, offices, and shops, etc. 



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