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Phoenix Palm Plant

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Phoenix is a genus of 14 species of palms. Most Phoenix species originate in barren regions but usually occur near high groundwater levels, rivers, or springs. The palms were more numerous and widespread in the past than they are at present. Some Phoenix palms have become naturalized in other parts of the world.

Care :

Phoenix Palms grow best in bright, indirect sunlight, so place within 3 to 5 feet of a window, preferably an east window. If the plant begins to show yellow or black spot on the foliage, try moving it further away from the window. It may be receiving too much direct sunlight and actually be burning the plant.

Light: An indoor phoenix palm plant requires bright but indirect light.

Soil: keep the soil moist

Temperature: ideal temperature is 16 to 24°C

Benefits and Uses:

        The Phoenix Palm remove benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and especially xylene from the air.

        Phoenix is non- Poisonous Houseplants.

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