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Cactus plant has different shapes and sizes of cacti. Moon-cactus-red is short and; others are tall and thin. Moon-cactus-red flowers are big and beautiful. Moon-cactus-red bloom at night and are pollinated by moths and bats. Moon-cactus-red fruits are brightly colored and good to eat: many animals eat cactus fruits.

Care :

 Moon-cactus-red are low maintenance, water-wise plants that store water in their leaves, stems or roots, creating a plump or succulent appearance. Moon-cactus-red is often found in hot, arid climates such as the desert and has adapted to tolerate long periods of drought. For best results, each plant has individual needs.

Height: Moon-cactus-red reach 6 inches in height

Sunlight: Bright but indirect sunlight

Soil: fast-draining soil

Water: water sparingly to moisten the soil

Temperature: 65 to 90 °F

Benefits :

        Moon-cactus-red can produce red flower and  decrease blood sugar levels in people

       With type 2 diabetes.

       Moon-cactus-red juice inhibits leukocyte migration, which acts as a catalyst in the development of inflammatory diseases



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