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Marigold Plant

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Marigold Plant is a commonly found plant. Marigold Plant is an evergreen shrub that works as an ornamental plant and for medicinal purposes. The smooth, glossy and dark green colored leaves along with flowers are said to act as a natural medicine for type-2 diabetes. According to a report, Marigold Plant flowers and leaves are used to control blood sugar levels. One can have herbal tea made from flowers and leaves in the morning or you can also chew some three to four leaves to get effective results.


Marigold Plant plants are easy to grow and care for. Provide them a well-drained moist soil, plenty of bright light, warm temperatures 65° F and above and they will do wonderfully out on the patio or deck as potted plants. Give plants lots of light but protect them against the strong rays of the sun. If plants become a little straggler, they can simply be cut back to make them bushier.

Height:1-3 feet

Temperature: 65°F

Soil: well drained moist soil

Benefits :

        Marigold Plant has been widely used in tropical folk medicine from ocular inflammation, diabetes, and hemorrhage to treating insect stings and cancers.

          Marigold Plant flower is also used to decorate offices, homes and gardens



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