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Lal patti

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Iresine herbstii is the Botanical name of lal paatti. Lal Patti is a herbaceous perennial plant growing up to 1.5 metres tall. The leaves are used locally as a food coloring. The plant is often cultivated as an ornamental in the tropics, valued especially for the attractive leaf markings.


Prefers a minimum temperature in the range 10 - 15°c, the plants are damaged by temperatures lower than 2°c. Succeeds in full sun or light shade Grows best in a humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil.

Height: up to 1.5 m

Temperature: 10 to 15 °C

Soil: moist well drained

Sunlight : partial to full

Uses and benefits :

        The leaves are squeezed in water in order to obtain the red dye used for colouring agar jellies.

  • Ornamental use



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