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Lady finger palm

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Ladyfinger palm is also called fan palm because it has thin, individual stalks originating from its base that end in fan-shaped leaves. Ladyfinger palm stalks are similar to bamboo. It is a medium-sized palm stays manageable size whether grown outdoor or as an indoor potted plant. Mostly, lady, palm finger is an indoor plant because it grows well in shade. In fact, the plant's leaves change color in the shade, appearing more darker.

Care :

Keep the plant thinned by removing any leaves that have become discolored or dried out. If the new growth is dead then the entire plant should be cut back to the soil.


Soil: Ladyfinger plant tolerates different types of soil, clay, sandy, loamy. Try to keep it slightly acidic as well.

Temperature: medium temperature is suitable for growth.

Height: In the container, they can only reach about 5 to 6 feet tall. 

Benefits and Uses:

        It is used for ornamental purposes in offices.

        Ladyfinger palm make good screening plants when planted in groups.

        It is also used in medicines. 



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