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Kochia plant

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Kochia plant is dark green when young and turns red as it matures. The erect, striated stems of Kochia plants are light green and much-branched of Kochia. Small green flower and seed are developed at the leaf axils. At the time of sowing, nitrogen is applied in the soil at the rate of 25 to 45 kg per acre. In the potting mix, add nitrogen-based organic fertilizer in small quantity. Before sowing seeds are soaked in water for a day.


Seeds are sowing into the seedbed or the pot in the spring. The seed is sown 2 cm deep. After sowing the seeds water should be applied to the pot or seedbed. The pot is kept in light areas. When seedlings are ready for planting, plant in the main field or potted in the pot.

Height: 1 to 7 ft

Temperature: 20 to 30 °C

Soil: alkaline soil

Sunlight: full sunlight 

Benefits :

        Kochia bushy plant enhances the beauty of the garden. Seed Packet contains 35 seeds.

Used for ornamental purposes. 



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