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Kevda plant Or kewda plant

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The kevda flower is one of the famous flowers for its fragrance. Even its leaves are fragrant and the flowers are exotic and have a heavenly fragrance. The yellow kevda flower is very beautiful and it can be kept for many days after blooming, each flower can make a whole room fragrant and freshen up the environment.  

The kevda plant has aerial roots as well, these are formed especially when it is growing in the wild and need Oxygen.  Kevda plant has thorns as well.A fully developed kewda tree would produce spikes consisting of 30-40 flowers, each weighing about 6 inches.

Care :

This is a tough plant that can tolerate direct sunlight. The leaves have sharp pointed edges and tiny spikes as the border. Many little plants are coming up next to the original one.take care to water my plants after the hot sun has cooled down. Best time for watering plants is in evenings or early mornings. Many bunches have come up and this plant multiplies very fast.

Height: The tree grows up to 18 inches.

Water: medium

Sunlight: bright

 Benefits and Uses:

        Kewra is used as a food flavor and in aromatic industry.

         It is also used in Ayurveda to provide symptomatic relief in diabetes, fever, joint pain, earache and to manage threatened abortion as well as psychiatric conditions.

        Kewda is very popular among medicinal plants.

Leaves are used to make mats, bags, and basket while the roots are used to bind them together..


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