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Karanda Plant

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The common name is Carissa carandas. Karanda produces berry sized fruits. Karanda is a hardy, drought-tolerant plant that thrives well in a wide range of soil. Karanda grows naturally at the Himalayas at a height of 300 to 1800 meters. In the region with a high temperature, it flourishes well.

Care :

Plant growth can be quite haphazard. Regular and careful pruning is required to contain it. The spines make pruning difficult - but luckily this can be done every alternate year. the soil has to be well-drained.

Sunlight: partial sunlight is needed.

Soil: saline and sodic soil is best for growth.

Water: proper water in time increases fruit size. 

Benefits and Uses:

        It has iron components which are used for anemic patients.

        It has vitamin C which is best for growth and bone the tissue in the body

Also planted and attracts people 



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