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Kala grass

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Alopecurus myosuroides is the scientific name of Kala grass. Kala grass is an annual grass, found on cultivated and wasteland. Kala grass is also known as, black-grass. Kala grass can grow up to 80 cm high, often growing in tufts. The leaves are hairless. The leaf sheath is smooth, green to purplish in color. The leaf blade is pointed, 3 to 16 cm long, green, rough in texture.


The seeds have a short period of dormancy and viability, and the numbers may be reduced by surface cultivation after harvest. when the soil is dry, water it. And place in front of direct light.

Height : 80 cm

Temperature: 15 to 25

Soil: well-drained

Sunlight: from partial to full

Uses and benefits :

        Use as a food

        Used for ornamental purposes

Medicinal use



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