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Jasmin flower

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Jasmine has small white flowers, although some species have bright yellow, with long shoots that climb. Typically, jasmine flower will have about four to nine petals, two locules, and one to four ovules, with two stamens and very short filaments. Jasmine plants are native to the Himalayas in China and like warm tropical climates. Jasmin flower can also be found growing in the wild in Sri Lanka, Iran, and Kashmir.


During the summer months, Jasmine should be watered often and fed with a plant fertilizer every couple of weeks. When watering, Jasmine does not like hard or cold water. If you want your Jasmine to flower in the summer then care in the winter is important and it should be kept below 10 degrees Celsius and watered sparingly so that it is slightly damp.

Height: 10-15 feet.

Temperature: 60 to 75 ° F  is suitable

Soil: well-drained soil

Sun: Jasmin likes bright sunlight.


        These plants make great for decorating walkways and sidewalks in gardens and parks

        Jasmine plants brighten up the balcony and make the surrounding environment seem friendlier.

        These plants are easy to grow and low maintenance

Jasmine tolerates a variety of soils, which makes it excellent for many different gardens



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