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Ficus Plant

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Ficus is a pantropical genus of trees, shrubs, and vines occupying a wide variety of ecological niches; most are evergreen, but some deciduous species of ficus plant are endemic to areas outside of the tropics and to higher elevations. Fig species are characterized by their unique inflorescence and distinctive pollination syndrome, which uses wasp species belonging to the family Agaonidae for pollination.


Losing leaves is the most common problem. If your ficus is losing its leaves, go for the checklist of proper ficus tree care and correct that you find wrong.

Height: can grow up to 60 feet tall

Temperature: They need to be kept in temperatures above 60 degrees °F

Water: if the soil is dry, then water it

Soil: well-drained soil

 Benefits :

        The plant is used for ornamental purpose. It generally keeps indoor in the living room and in the terrac area.

The Bodhi tree, under which the Buddha achieved enlightenment is believed by many to have been a Ficus religiosa.


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