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Euphorbia plant

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 Euphorbia plant has bright green leaves with a thorny stem. Lower leaves naturally fall off as the plant ages. If your plant gets too tall and leggy, you can prune it back by half its size in spring. This will cause it to branch out. New stems will grow from below where the pruning cuts were made, making this succulent bushy. Many are succulent and can either be thorny or unarmed. The deciduous leaves can either be alternate, opposite or in whorls. All spurges produce unisexual flowers.

 Euphorbia's flowers last for several weeks and are available in bright pink, red, white or yellow.


 Avoid the plant from direct sunlight before the plant establishes a mature root system. wear gloves while cutting Euphoria because it can cause skin irritation. Prune off growing tips to control plants height. watch out for its toxic, milky sap, which can irritate your skin, eyes, and mouth.

Temperature :Average room temperatures 60 to 75F/16 to 24C.

Height:  7 to 11 inches

Sunlight: Bright light to full sun.

Soil: fast-draining medium soil.


Whether you want a giant thornless cactus specimen 6 feet tall or a creeping, sweetly flowering ground cover, you should try growing Euphorbias. They reward the gardener with more than just good looks, but remind us all of the variety and the beauty found in nature.



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