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Draco dracena

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The scientific name is Dracaena draco. Dracaena draco is an evergreen tree with a single, smooth grey trunk which eventually becomes multi-stemmed when the plant is much older. Attractive blue-green leaves may grow up to 60cm (23 inches) long and 5cm (2 inches) wide. The leaves Draco Dracaena are somewhat severe, stiffly pointed that end in something resembling a spike. The leaves are solidly green, as the old leaves die the stem gradually unveils with a scaly pattern. The Dracaena draco will grow to 0.9-1.2m (3-4 feet) indoors.


Thrives in moist well-drained soil in a sunny or partly shaded position and is drought tolerant when established. Avoid wet boggy soils and over-watering. Dracaena draco will appreciate good organic matter. Slow growing; takes about 10 years to reach about 1.5m (5 feet). Water gently to keep the soil moist. Avoid watering the tip of the plant. In a garden bed, no watering is needed.

Height :3 meter

Temperature: 65 to 85 °F


Sunlight : partial to full

Uses and benefits :

        An excellent plant for a decorative pot.

        Medicinal use

Ornamental use



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