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Croton plant

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Croton is a diverse and complex taxonomic group of plants ranging from herbs and shrubs to trees. A well-known member of this genus is Croton tiglium, a shrub native to Southeast Asia.  The oil, used in herbal medicine as a violent purgative, is extracted from its seeds. Nowadays, croton is considered unsafe and it is no longer listed in the pharmacopeias of many countries.


The croton is an easy-to-grow houseplant known for its variegated foliage covered in green, scarlet, orange, and yellow splotches. Here’s how to care for croton in your home or garden. All parts of this plant are poisonous—especially the seeds—so it is not recommended for use in homes with curious pets or children. When damaged, croton produces a milky sap that can be irritating to the skin, too.

Height: 12 inches

Temperature: 21 to 27

Soil: rich, well drained

Water: sufficient water benefits :

        Use it if you have carbuncles, itching or even eczema. Some people believe that it can be helpful if one applies it to cancer lesions or various tumors.

        Also used for ornamental purposes

Croton the plant is also in the digestive system. 



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