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Cactus Star

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Star cacti (Stapelia Grandiflora) are also more morbidly called the carrion. Cactus star possesses insect attracting flora (but are not carnivorous), which range in size from a couple of inches high to plants that bear 12-inch wide flowers. Cactus star plant species is native to South Africa, so growing starfish flowers usually require warm, humid temperatures or a specialized greenhouse environment. Starflower cactus may produce amazing five-petaled flowers that exude a rather unpleasant odor. The scent attracts flies and other insects, which pollinate the blooms. Flowers are red to brown and may be mottled with a couple of colors.


These star cactus flowers are easy to care for and thrive in a variety of light conditions. They will perform well in full to partial sun. Morning light is the best with some protection from harsh midday rays.

Height: 4 to 6 inches

Temperature: 60 to 70 °F

Sunlight: from partial to full sunlight


        More common uses of starfish, cactus is as an ornamental specimen that is quite a conversation piece

        Traditionally cactus used as a valuable health supporting nutrient and it also has applications in pharmaceutical industries

young leaves of cactus serve as nutritious vegetable and salad dish and the immature fruits for making mock-gherkins. Cactus, with high water use efficiency, produce forage for animals, vegetables, and fruits with 14% glucose.



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