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Cactus Plant

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Cactus, plural cacti or cactuses, flowering plant with more than 2,000 species and about 175 genera. Mexico has the greatest number and variety of species. Although a few cactus species inhabit tropical or subtropical areas, most live in and are well adapted to dry regions.

In most species, leaves are absent, Only the tropical genera Pereskia and Pereskopsis, both vines, have conventional-looking functional leaves, while the leaves of the Andean Maihuenia are rounded, not flattened. The root systems are generally thin, fibrous, and shallow, ranging widely to absorb superficial moisture.


The secrets to growing healthy cacti indoors include providing them with plenty of sunlight, not overwatering, and using the right soil.

Height: normal 8 inches, ideal 36 inches tall

Temperature: for most cacti, 65 to 90 °F

Soil: some likes dry soil, while some rain forest

Benefits and Uses:

        Cactus plant is used in kitchens and in the construction of medicines.

        The leaves of the nopal cactus plant can be eaten when stripped of their needles

Cactus The plant is high in fiber, so it enables smooth muscles to function properly



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